Editing: A Goldilocks Venture

Editing: A Goldilocks Venture

Goldilocks was one of the rudest heroines ever, if she could be called that (a heroine I mean, because she was definitely rude).  Yet, I’ll give her this – she had a formula for optimizing her life experience and she didn’t deviate from it.  The child worked a pattern of behavior.  In the end, she walked (okay ran) away having experienced perfect seating, satiation and one of the best naps of her life.  In short, she got hers.

Going Naked: The Obligatory, Inaugural Post

Going Naked:  The Obligatory, Inaugural Post

Words are posses a deceptive power because they cloak and expose their writer - that person they came from but who ultimately has little ownership over them.  In wrapping one's thoughts, ideas, opinions and interpretations in language, a person is revealed.  The suffocating aspect of writing is that one minute you are using words and the next, they are using you.