Going Naked: The Obligatory, Inaugural Post

A lot of people refuse to do things because they don't want to go naked, don't want to go without guarantee.  

But that's what's got to happen.  

You go naked until you die.

.:Nikki Giovanni:.

Although A Draft Supreme, LLC became a legal entity in October 2015, today is a big first for us.  Actually, it's a motley collection of multiple firsts.

It's January 1, 2016 and this is the opening day of a new year that overlaps with the launch of our full website as it snuggles into the swaddling excitement of publishing our first blog post.  This is, to put it in sophisticated terms, a big damn deal. We'll never be this "new" again, never be this untested and naked in our journey as a company.

I'm going to drop the "we" now, because it's just me - Leslie - the founder and owner of A Draft Supreme, writing this post.  I didn't get to this (still new and tender) stage of my business alone, but when it comes to putting words to paper or verbiage to screen, I am a soloist.  It is a lovely, empowering experience that creates a sweet isolation that can be comforting or maddening.

Like you, I find myself in a big, enthralling world that clashes and bangs while also standing still.  Words, the units of communication we use to express ourselves and our thoughts, are little puffs of magic.  They cast spells, alter outcomes and grant us the ability to "appear" in places that we do not physically occupy. The old adage that "words are power" is timeless because it's true and has always been so.

Yet magic has its drawbacks; the outcomes it produces are not always what we intend.  And while new spells may undermine upon older ones, rarely do they unseat them altogether.  The steely delicacy of words continues to matter and that's why A Draft Supreme exists.  The craft of editing and the art of writing are first loves of mine, ones that have demanded quite a bit of me but have always given back more than they chose to take.

This has not been everyone's experience.  Words are tricksters themselves - magic with their own kind of sorcery.  I've watched them confound seasoned authors and budding students.  For decades, I've used my own  skill set to assist them, and many others, in unearthing a final version of their words that satisfied them.  It's not an easy act to accomplish, but it is a necessary one.  A Draft Supreme, LLC is the latest iteration of threading my editing, writing intervention and teaching skills into a format that can serve more people with more efficiency.

One final point about words, the life blood of my practice as a writer, editor, instructor and more than any of those roles, a reader: Words are posses a deceptive power because they cloak and expose their writer - that person they came from but who ultimately has little ownership over them.  In wrapping one's thoughts, ideas, opinions and interpretations in language, a person is revealed.  The suffocating aspect of writing is that one minute you are using words and the next, they are using you.  Did you say what you wanted to say?  Does the point you are trying to make come across?  Did the words you labored over manage to do the heavy lifting you requested of them?  Was it enough?

Yet, more than anything else, writers (whether they are on their fifteenth manuscript or their first college essay) want to know:  Did I get it right?

My answer and A Draft Supreme's answer is, "Perhaps.  Now, let us make sure that you did."

Happy writing in 2016,

Leslie Diane Poston

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