Options for Organizations

With over 20 years of working in the non-profit sector as well as utilizing my M.A. concentration in Organizational Studies, I know that polished and timely writing are often a luxury that mission-driven organizations do not always have on hand.

Each year, I work with a limited number of organizations (two to five) whose missions align with A Draft Supreme’s to fill this void.

Through editing and writing, my silent contributions keep the momentum of their work going through well documented illumination of who they help, how they meet their obligations, and what more they can accomplish.

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Proofreading of written or electronic wording includes the following:

  • Copyediting (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.)

  • Syntax/Sentence Structure Adherence

  • Proper Text Formatting

  • Caption Corrections and Suggestions (if needed)

  • Developmental Revision (upon request and agreement)


grant proposal and report writing

$100 - $150/HR

The rate variance is dependent upon the scope, depth, and quantity of projects requested by the organization. Report writing costs less than proposal writing and an ongoing contract with a minimum number of guaranteed hours can be negotiated for a lower price. Reading, researching, interviewing program staff, and other work supporting the actual writing are billed at the proofreading rate. Initial consultations are complimentary.



Variable/Negotiable Rates

Some projects require a hybrid method of editing and writing that translates into a polished revision of the same information. Others require completely new thought and phrasing. I’ve developed tag lines, publication titles, website copy, annual report verbiage, and a host of other worded content for a range of documents, projects, and organizations that consider themselves innovative, the industry standard, or both. What project needs a unique push that is worth paying for?