Frequently Asked Questions


What is the advantage of selecting A Draft Supreme, LLC over a larger editing or college prep company?

We have to answer that question with a question.  How much of a personal touch do you demand as a client?  At ADS, most requests are handled personally by the owner and lead editor of the company.  Her experience in multiple facets of professional editing and collegiate writing intervention is well-honed.  What’s more, becoming an ADS client ensures high priority.  Our company is not a factory of shift-supervised line editors or a large tutoring conglomerate catering to subjects outside of writing, though both models have their advantages.  Our College Prep as Life Prep™ workshops are unique in curriculum and the capacity to cultivate a mindset shift among participants.  

We provide an exclusive set of services by leveraging expertise, efficiency and, when needed, the kind of flexibility that only a small, professional outfit can offer.   There are first drafts and final drafts, but only one A Draft Supreme.


What is your confidentiality policy?

Requirements for confidentiality are discussed and agreed upon before services are rendered.  While we respect the privacy of all clients (people and organizations), we understand that some require contractual confidentiality and we’re pleased to oblige.  We do not disclose use of our editing services without client consent.


What are the costs of your services?

Editing services are calculated hourly (starting at $60 for individuals and $100 for institutions/organizations) unless otherwise stipulated. Volume of submitted work, deadlines and payment methods can also factor into pricing. Actual copywriting (creation of original content) currently starts at $125 - $150 per hour.

Writing Triage services are pre-packaged.  For example, $300 covers the cost for Writing Analysis (which includes an initial one-hour session, editing, a two-page report of writing weaknesses and strengths, along with a Plan of Action tailored to the student) with options for follow-up services at reduced, hourly rates.  We pride ourselves on analyzing the minimal number of sessions clients will need for each type of intervention, though there is the option to address multiple issues.  Each Triage service includes a complimentary "How to Maximize Your Tutoring Sessions" rundown for those who already receive or plan to secure tutoring services from elsewhere. 

Attendees of our College Prep as Life Prep are individually charged varied rates for presentations , though family and group pricing is available.

Multiple factors influence price.  For a specific quote, please submit an inquiry or contact us via phone or email.


What are your methods for online communication?

FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype are all options for online, one-to-one sessions and assessments for students and clients located outside of Los Angeles, as well as Angelenos who are unable to meet in person.


Since you are based in a virtual office, where are College Prep as Life Prep Presentations held?

Locations are agreed upon by the client and A Draft Supreme, LLC, as audiences vary in size.  Presentations have been held at private residences, schools, community organizations, university campuses and other sites.


Do you provide online versions of your College Prep as Life Prep Presentations?



Did you design your own logo?

We are thrilled owners of our logo, but its creation is the dynamic result of contracting with Paula N. White Designs and the amazing principal graphic artist herself.  As a client, we appreciated Paula White’s attention to detail and interactive development process. We are in love with the end result. 

Check out her website:



Absolutely! It's also an homage to his concept of expressing love for what he was gifted to do by using the very gift he was provided.  Plus, who doesn't want a draft of something to be supreme rather than just final?


Where can I find testimonials from satisfied customers?


“Hey, my proposal was funded!  Engineers are not great with writing – or at least I’m not.  Thanks for your help.  It was worth it!” - Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering  (UCLA)
“She was a bit intimidated by the writing analysis, but she remembers what you taught her.  She trusts herself to figure out the changes.  Yesterday she started planning her edits.” - Parent of 10th Grade Student (Writing Triage Client via Skype)
“I’ll make sure to thank you somewhere in the acknowledgements, even though the I know the university already paid you, plus I handed out your business cards at my last conference.  I think we’re even.” - Professor, Social Anthropology (Scripps College and UCI)
“What did I think about the website copy?  What I always think when you do your magic.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  Now I need you to streamline our forms.” - Small Business Owner (Copywriting Client)
“College prep isn’t what I thought it was…and um…I have a lot of work to do.” - 11th Grade Student (College Prep as Life Prep Presentation Attendee)

There are more, but these are the “biggies”.  Our clients have both a sense of humor and a sense of purpose. They’re typically too busy to shoot written testimonials our way (even these were captured from conversational feedback). Our most valuable and appreciated testimonials are referrals that bring us new clients.  It’s difficult to come by a better endorsement than that.

See what students in Leslie Poston's English Composition Course had to say in our About section.



A Draft Supreme, LLC caters to a wide range of clients who research and express a breadth of subject matter and views.  All verbiage edited or copy-written for clients by any owner, manager, employee or contractor of A Draft Supreme, LLC is the property of the client, unless otherwise stipulated or expressed in written form.  The opinions, claims, assertions and any written, verbal or electronic wording expressed by any client are the client's own and do not reflect the views of A Draft Supreme, LLC.