Class of 2021 | Summer 2017

FSP Math/Science Cohort | English Composition Course

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Scored Student Feedback 

INTERACTION:  8.17/9 - Students felt welcome in seeking help in or outside of the class.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  8.28/9 - The instructor had good communication skills.

INSTRUCTOR CONCERN:  8.39/9 - The instructor was concerned about student learning.

INSTRUCTOR:  8.5/9 - Your overall rating of the instructor.

COURSE:  8.6/9 - Your overall rating of the course.

ORGANIZATION:  8.67/9 - Class presentations were well prepared and organized.

VALUE: 8.83/9 - You have learned something you consider valuable.

25% Increased Interest in Course Material (Writing)

Written Responses

Please identify what you perceive to be the real strengths and weaknesses of this instructor and course.
— Course Evaluation Prompt

"Fantastic instructor with excellent organization and effective communication skills. The instructor is very engaging and makes the class interesting. This class considerably improved my writing ability. However, there was too much homework and graded assignments at times.”

“Instructor Poston made ENGCOMP2 by far my favorite course because it was the class that has prepared me for the next four years in terms of how to survive UCLA and courses that I will take in the future. I am amazed by how engaged Poston has been with each individual student and wants students to succeed. Instructor Poston has no weaknesses.”

“Professor Poston is a great instructor. She truly prepares her students for higher English Composition lectures. Although very professional and a harsh grader, professor Poston is a very understanding and concerned about her students academic improvements and well being.”

“Strengths are Professor Poston is not easy; she actually pushes her students to do their best work and gives them the grades they deserve.”

“The instructor is very straightforward and persistent. She prepares students for efficient collegiate-level writing while providing an intimate learning environment where students feel comfortable participating.”

“This is a great course for incoming Freshmen whose writing skills are not very well developed yet. Although it is English Comp 2 I would recommend freshmen who are placed in it to take it seriously because in the end you will benefit from the extra help.”