Cohort 10 | Summer 2015

10th cohort in VIP Scholars &

6th cohort to take my writing and Critical thinking course

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Back During Their 10th Grade Summer...

This course prompted me to think analytically.
I would recommend this class to other students.
— Course Evaluation Prompts

Written Responses

What did you learn in the writing course that you consider valuable?
— Course Evaluation Prompt

"In the writing course with Ms. Poston I learned how to critically and professionally write and think.  I learned how to express my opinions on social justice issues in an academic and professional manner.  I received the tools and advice on how to succeed as a minority as well as grammar and writing skills.  She has taught us many great life lessons on education, love and society."

"I learned the type of work quality that is expected in college."

"I learned how to make a strong argument and how to make counterarguments and rebuttals."

"No matter how great I think I wrote something, I still need to go back and edit."

"I learned that everybody has to improve on their writing and accepting constructive criticism is an indicator of self improvement.

"I learned how to analyze articles and books properly.  I also learned how to express my points properly in writing."

"I learned that you should edit your paper multiple times and never give up."

"I learned that high schools do not prepare their students for college and that I need to learn to edit my paper myself instead of relying on my teacher to edit my paper for me."

"I learned how to write an argumentative research paper on a collegiate level."

"I learned how to believe in myself and how to be a better writer."


Please comment on the amount and quality of interaction you had with your instructor, Leslie Poston, noting what effect it had on your class experience.
— Course Evaluation Prompt

"Ms. Poston often interacts with us outside of class, building a friendly bond with us as a cohort.  The office hours are offered in a good amount.  It is enough for criticism and some guidance, but not too much to where we become dependent on the office hours."

"Every time I would talk with Ms. Poston I was encouraged to speak in class which had an effect on my class experience."

"I honestly wish that I had an even high[er] interaction with Ms. Poston.  She is a wonderful teacher that seriously taught me more in two weeks than [others did] in one quarter."

"I personally had a very strong interaction with Ms. Poston.  I would go to her office hours when she held them.  She gave me very important advance and also made me laugh at times."

"Ms. Poston was very approachable and made me feel that she actually wanted me to succeed."

"100%  Everything was GREAT!!"

"I had great interaction with Ms. Poston.  During office hours I came to her with my questions and concerns and she was always open to everyone's ideas.  I also communicated with her through email on my assignments."

"Ms. Poston was a great instructor.  Some of her comments were hard to take in but in the end it helped."

"Leslie Poston was an amazing teacher.  It was she who pushed me to better my writing and to further my comprehension skills.  Without a challenging teacher, I am sure the class would not have [been] as interesting and I would have lost most, if not all, interest in it."

"I feel as thought I connected with Ms. Poston personally.  I feel she is an amazing teacher.  I had huge insecurities with writing and she made me believe that I was better."

"She helped me develop my ideas into words."

"Ms. Poston is a wonderful lady who has improved my writing by so much.  She truly has the want and care to provide us with the necessary skills to be college ready."

"Ms. Poston was very helpful.  She taught me how to analyze correctly and not only depend on her instructions/corrections, but also the corrections I feel that I need to make.  Our office hours taught me that I was able to trust her and she was looking out for me."

These students are now completing their final year of high school and applying to colleges.  Have a great senior year Class of 2017!