Class of 2020 | Summer 2016

FSP Math/Science Cohort | English Composition Course

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Scored Student Feedback 

INTERACTION:  8.65/9 - Students felt welcome in seeking help in or outside of the class.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  8.7/9 - The instructor had good communication skills.

INSTRUCTOR CONCERN:  8.75/9 - The instructor was concerned about student learning.

VALUE:  8.8/9 - You have learned something you consider valuable.

COURSE:  8.8/9 - Your overall rating of the course.

INSTRUCTOR:  8.84/9 - Your overall rating of the instructor.

ORGANIZATION:  9/9 - Class presentations were well prepared and organized.

33% Increased Interest in Course Material (Writing)

Written Responses

Please identify what you perceive to be the real strengths and weaknesses of this instructor and course.
— Course Evaluation Prompt

"Ms. Poston is an amazing professor and I recommend her to anyone.  She deeply cares for every one of her students and wants them to succeed in all areas of life.  However, her class does contain a heavy workload, but due to the enjoyment in the class, it is capable of completing."

"Strengths were: mastery of teaching the concepts of the class, positive and critical feedback on our work.  Weaknesses: none."

"Ms. Poston is inspiring and truly cares for her students.  She will be one of the most understanding and caring professors anyone will ever have.  She has forever changed the way I think in the classroom and out."

"The instructor was able to efficiently connect the course material to modern occurrences that interest us as freshmen."

"One of the strengths was Ms. Poston's ability to understand and work to push the class to grow academically.  She cared about every mistake we made and took the time to point it out so that we can learn from it.  There are no weaknesses available.  She is an amazing instructor, and I definitely recommend her as an instructor for incoming students."

"The strength would consist of her grading in detail to ensure the students fix their mistakes that were not fixed in high school.  She really wants the students to be prepared for college level writing.

" The instructor presented me with a layout of what to expect for the fall quarter.  She challenged my knowledge while improving my skills.  I truly thank her for doing her job the right way, without giving any shortcuts because she believed in the potential of my work."

"The instructor's strengths included presentation and organization skills and had no major weaknesses."

"Some of the real strengths this instructor had was that she is organized, was clear on assignments given to us and she was accessible outside of class."

"Instructor Poston is outstanding in her lectures.  The material she addresses is related to the main topic of class.  The material that is presented in class is very helpful.  Throughout class, she offers advice relating to our writing or future experience at UCLA.  Ms. Poston is a fair grader and is always willing to help us improve our writing during office hours or makes side notes on every assignment we turn in."

"Ms. Poston is the greatest English teacher I have ever had.  She improved my writing vastly, and was always willing to go out of her way to address any of my concerns.  I would recommend this teacher to everybody."

"The instructor is very organized and clear on what the assignment and point of the class is.  Instructor Poston only wants us to be more than prepared upon entering English Composition 3 by helping us become excellent writers."

"The instructor of this course was very invested in the grades and skills of the students, which was very useful.  There were no real weaknesses of either the instructor or the course besides it being fast-paced which was already anticipated.  Overall, an extremely useful course, very organized and a comfortable learning environment."

"The instructor really challenged me and other students as writers by having us constantly write assignments that related to the core book and interpret quotes from several different people.  The core book connecting Freshman Summer Program and real life was beneficial in that I see and approach all situations in a way that I will survive.  I have gained a lot of useful information about English concepts and life in general."